'See You Later!'

Go On, Re-Watch Carlos Correa's Home Run Over and Over Again

The ALCS is now tied, and boy did we need that.

By Timothy Malcolm October 14, 2019

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Playoff Carlos, end chat.

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We needed that one.

The regular season was easy. Too easy. Justin Verlander and Gerrit Cole put up two of the finest modern-day pitching seasons you'll ever see. The offense was nearly unstoppable much of the season. And Yordan Alvarez! Who hits 27 home runs in 87 games? Yordan does.

But the postseason for this 107-win, record-breaking Astros club has been a little more, uh, challenging. The Rays took us to the brink, but thank goodness for Cole 45. And the Yankees—ugh, the Yankees—put on a show in game one of the American League Championship Series. Game two was tense, with the 'Stros tying it in the fifth via a Springer Dinger.

Thus ensued the aggressive nail biting. Highwire acts. Pitching changes. And in the sixth, Carlos Correa's heads-up play saving the day to throw out DJ LeMahieu.

Maybe the Astros have met their match in the Yankees. Maybe it'll be a stomach-ache-inducing series, the kind that rivals 1980 or 2004. And when you're in those series, what you need most of all is the big hit, the one we'll talk about for years. The kind of stuff that wins championships.

Because we have a day off from this madness, let's revel a bit more in that big hit, Correa's 11th-inning shot heard 'round the city:

The Astros have the best home run and end-game celebrations in baseball. The train whistle? The fireworks? Nothing tops it.

Love this center field camera view via MLB Network's Ballpark Cam:

Makes you want to buy tickets to a playoff game, huh?

Here's Robert Ford's call on radio:

It's a good call. Ford screams "See you later!" four times as the ball clears the fence, which might be a little forced but, to his credit, is very unique. When you say or hear "See you later," you'll think about this homer, and that's one mark of a good call.

Better still is his reaction via this broadcast booth video:

Inject this energy into my veins.

Speaking of energy, let's talk the bat flip:

If Jose Bautista's all-timer is a 10/10, this is a solid 8. Here he's saying "Yeah, I'm capable of this, and I just did this. Goodnight." Considering the angst we've all been feeling, I would've liked something a bit more showy and dramatic, but nonetheless, it's a true statement. We've heard fans getting down on Correa for his injuries (bad take, guys), but dude still produces at a high level. Also, he's 25. Chill. This bat flip fits his character. He's great. Ballgame.

Then, as he crossed the plate, Correa did a little James Harden impression:

Perfect. That's the stuff. Swish. Let's go to the Bronx, baby.

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