Wow. 2019. The year we got mowed down by outrage on a daily basis once again (thank you, Twitter) and tried to keep up with an increasingly frantic news cycle once again (thank you, everyone). Thank goodness 2020 is going to be vastly different (kidding, these emojis, 😳😬😭, will still be your most-used in 2020, we guarantee).

Given all the general chaos of modern American life, it's little wonder that you, dear readers, turned to Houstonia over the last 12 months to find some form of happiness. The proof? Well, our most popular stories included guides to delicious breakfast dishes, new hiking trails, and the best neighborhoods for Christmas lights.  You also liked to find out things you never before knew about Houston, like where our city keeps its rarest books and what, in fact, is up with the Astrodome. Here's to keeping our heads up in 2020.

Below, our most popular stories from 2019. 

Image: Jenn Duncan 

1. The Breakfast Bucket List: What to Order at Houston’s Top Breakfast Spots

By Timothy Malcolm and Gwendolyn Knapp

Our February cover feature pulled favorites from nostalgic classics, like Breakfast Klub's wings and waffles, and introduced flashy new breakfast fare like Fruity Pebbles French toast at Bosscat Kitchen. These were the breakfast dishes we loved.

Image: Amy Scott 

2. One of the Best Restaurants in the World Is In Kemah. And Nobody Has Heard of It.

By Scott Vogel

Down in Kemah, tucked behind a steakhouse called T-Bone Tom’s, is a place called Eculent, where a mad genius named David Skinner is serving up the culinary experience of a lifetime. But few have heard of him or his restaurant.



3. We Are the Organizers of Drag Queen Story Time. This Is Why We’re Stepping Aside.

By Trent Lira and Devin Will

“We believe in what we’re doing, but we don’t believe in putting our friends, our families, or our children in danger.”


4. Wait, What’s Going On With the Astrodome Now?

By Morgan Kinney

The plan to turn the Eighth Wonder of the World into a multi-use event space and parking structure hit a bit of a snag.

5. Houstonians Will Be Able to Bike and Walk 150 Miles of New Trails in 2020

By Gwendolyn Knapp

Eight bayous will be connected through the $220 million Bayou Greenways 2020 project, a partnership between the nonprofit Houston Parks Board and the Houston Parks and Recreation Department, in collaboration with more public and private entities. Its stitching together 150 contiguous miles of hike-and-bike trails—greenways—and linear parks along our eight bayous by the end of next year.

6.  Where To See The Best Christmas Lights in Houston

By Nicki Koetting

Our city's best Christmas light destinations and neighborhoods. It's lit. 

Image: CB2/Jon Shaft

7.  Want to look inside James Harden's House?

By Abby Ledoux

Uh, duh. Also, Harden's favorite part of the house is the poker room.

8. Could It Be? New Travis Scott Music Appears Online

By Shelby Stewart

A series of unreleased songs from the Houston native appeared on streaming services including Apple Music and Spotify under the name Rager Universe. The drop totaled 15 songs.

9. The Dirty Dozen: 12 Houston Breweries You Need to Know About

By Timothy Malcolm

From our June issue's Best Burgers & Beers feature, a look at the city's top breweries, what to order, and what they each bring to the table. 

10.  Some of the Rarest Books in the World Can Be Found in This Downtown Library

By Gwendolyn Knapp

In which we explore the treasures (kept in a vault!) in the Houston Metropolitan Research Center.

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