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It's Finally Fall, Y'all

A cold front brings autumn temps to the Bayou City Wednesday.

By Catherine Wendlandt October 27, 2020

As the Midwest and other parts of the U.S. get hit with the season's first snows, Houstonians can rejoice, because it's finally fall, y'all. 

A cold front's been rolling through Texas over the past few days, stalling out above Houston on Tuesday, according to a report by Eric Berger at Space City Weather. Some western areas of the region experienced temperatures in the 50s, while in central Houston, it felt more like low 60s. 

But by mid-Wednesday the front should hit the entire city in full force, dropping temps to the 50s and heralding all the accompanying autumnal joys. Curl up with a cozy blanket, a book, and hot cocoa. Throw on a scarf and those booties you bought last February but never got to wear. Watch sappy Hallmark movies. Heck, be basic, and order that Starbuck's PSL—50-degree weather merits pumpkin-spice splurges. 

We should be getting some periphery rain Wednesday as Hurricane Zeta makes way its east toward Louisiana and other Gulf Coast states. The weather should clear out by the weekend, though, according to Berger, with Halloween highs in the upper 60s/lower 70s and evening temperatures in the 50s. 

Seeing as cooler weather is expected bring higher Covid-19 case counts, remember to wear your face mask (be a model of coordination by matching your face covering to your scarf), and get your flu shot

Happy fall, y'all. 

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