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Rent a Desk at SheSpace, Houston’s New Women-Centric Coworking Space 

The communal office space, set to open this fall, is all about female empowerment. 

By Brittany Cristiano November 11, 2020

Some women, regardless of career, are just plain tired of working from home. That’s where SheSpace comes in. 

Set to open this fall in Lower Heights, SheSpace is a female-empowerment-focused communal office space, perfect for any girl boss to maintain some kind of normalcy during the pandemic. But opening a coworking office space during these days of Covid might cause some people to furrow their eyebrows and wonder, how? SheSpace founders—and mother and daughter-in-law duo—Stephanie and Katie Tsuru think they have it figured out. 

At SheSpace, women can rent a communal office desk space, designated desk, private office, and conference rooms. The boldly colorful office’s amenities include access to a podcast studio; an exercise room that holds classes throughout the week; the “SheShop,” where female entrepreneurs can have pop-up shops for their businesses; and a bookshop that is home to books authored by women.

To keep SheSpace a safe haven for any entrepreneur, corporate employee working from home, influencer, or hustler who likes a strong women-oriented environment, the Tsurus have implemented Covid-19 safety precautions into the space's setup. There are dividers between desk spots and six-foot distance markers on the floor. While building out the space, the Tsurus also installed a better air-filtration system. And they, of course, will sanitize everything. Additionally, the Tsurus have gotten rid of almost everything you’d need to touch. For example, the office coffee machine is touchless—just order your cup of joe from an app on your phone.

Even with  all these Covid precautions, SheSpace is by no means a sterile office environment. The space, in addition to offering a place for empowered women to work, serves as a way for women to find community. For example, another membership tier is “SheConnects”; these members don’t rent an office space. However, they can enjoy all the amenities and programs SheSpace offers, like female-focused panels, seminars, and mentorship.

All this might sound like a women-only utopia, but Stephanie Tsuru says men are welcome, too, but they should be forewarned: everything is female-focused. Why? The Tsurus really just want to empower women.

Katie Tsuru, an alumna of Houston’s oil and gas industry, says she and many other women experience difficulties in the male-dominated industries, like energy. One goal of SheSpace is to give support to women in those industries. An example she gives is being a new mom while working in these male-dominated spaces. 

“I didn’t feel necessarily supported because there are a lot of challenges with [being a mom] while working,” Katie Tsuru says. “There’s breastfeeding, there’s sick children; you’re expected to do a lot more by being a woman.”

To that end, SheSpace has a designated lactation lounge for women to relax, pump, and, also, enjoy lactation cookies—free of any judgmental looks.

But when it comes down to it, the space is really just for anyone who wants to work, find community, and thrive. 

“SheSpace really is attracting women who want to live life on their own terms,” says Stephanie Tsuru, “and work on their own terms, and say what they want to say, and dress the way they want to dress, and sit the way they want to sit.” 

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