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What’s the Deal with Houston and Cannonballs? 

Plus, even more weird city rankings. 

By Catherine Wendlandt June 18, 2021

It’s a Blast from the Past … Literally. 

Deep in the heart of Houston, there’s a cannonball … wait, what?

Around 4 p.m. Thursday afternoon, construction workers were working near the corner of Preston and Caroline streets in Downtown Houston when they happened upon a 19th-century cannonball. 

According to a tweet from Harris County Constable Alan Rosen, the 80-plus-pound ball was found 18 feet below ground. The area was evacuated, including the Harris County Justice Center, cleared the area while a bomb squad tried to figure out if the archaic weapon was live.

By 5:45 p.m., X-rays were inconclusive, and the squad took the relic to another site to detonate.

The Houstonians of yesteryear seemed to have had a penchant for cannonballs: In the ’90s, architects excavating the long-lost Frost Town neighborhood found an old cannonball near the site of where Minute Maid Park sits, which, mind you, is only three blocks away from the corner of Caroline and Preston streets. 

While it’s not nearly as big as Thursday’s find, you can admire the Minute Maid cannonball in the ballpark’s Hall of Fame

We Are Living in a Millennial World. 

Sure, there may be a generational clash between Millennials and Gen Zers, but Houston is still a Millennial city. Well, it’s at least for Millennial dads, according to moving site

According to the site, Houston is the best city in the country for Millennial dads. How did they reach that conclusion? Move Buddha considered factors like career and income, home value, and kid-friendliness, as well as golfing opportunities, microbreweries, and the concentration of millennials in 973 U.S. cities, then scored them. 

Houston hit the number one spot, with a score of 9.9. As for the rest of Texas, San Antonio, with a score of 9.0, was fourth; Austin was 11th; and Dallas was 16th.

Like always, when it comes to these ranking lists, there is a caveat: Houston is only the third best city for fun millennial dad activities, per the report. The rest of Texas didn’t even make the top five. 

Plus, according to a different report from WalletHub, Texas is only the eighth most fun state in the country. Per that report, while Texas beat out all other states for restaurants, movie theaters, and amusement parks (We see you Six Flags) per capita and fourth for fitness centers, we were staunchly in the middle of the pack for golf courses and country clubs (17th place) and performing arts theaters (12th place) per capita.

So, as always, take from these reports as you will. 

You Could Live in an ’80s Palace. 

It’s hard to count how many big white mansions you’ll pass while driving down Kirby—you could make it a game—but the megamansion at 1000 Kirby should catch your eye, and it’s for sale too. 

The 22,880-square-foot home, with 10 bedrooms, 11 full bathrooms, and four half-baths, is practically a palace, especially since it was built—and we’re not phishing with you—for a Saudi prince. 

Per a Wall Street Journal report, the River Oaks home, on sale for almost $19 million through Martha Turner Sotheby’s International Realty, was built by Saudi Arabia’s Prince Abdulrahman bin Faisal, whose father was the country’s late King Faisal. The prince apparently built the mansion in 1986 because he needed a place to stay while doing real estate business in Houston. Talk about a vacation home.

Besides the sheer grandiosity of its size, the home also boasts two terraces, a pool and cabana house, an outdoor kitchen setup, a gazebo (how quaint), a motor court, a fitness center, and more. 

And while yes, it’s giving us an ’80s villain’s lair vibe, we’d rather live in a lair than a tiny apartment. Although, we could do without the $231,520-a-year property taxes. 

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