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Esports Streamer Chase Mason: You Need to Switch to the Galaxy Note20

Loads of remarkable features are a must for serious gamers.

Presented by Samsung By Ben McBee December 21, 2020


Esports streamer Chase Mason loves the quality and versatility of game play on the Samsung Galaxy Note20.

Growing up, eSports streamer Chase Mason’s parents never bought him video games. For that kind of entertainment, he instead spent long weekends over at his neighbor’s house, playing his friend’s Nintendo GameCube for hours on end. But once he did save up enough money to get a PlayStation and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege (still one of his favorites), his passion for gaming quickly combined with another of his interests—making videos.

Today, his content can be found across TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube, where his account yo_boy_Roy has gained 574,000 subscribers who tune in for his tips and tricks, funny moments, and fan interaction. Whether he’s traveling to tournaments or chilling at home, Mason is always pushing toward the next level, so when it comes to mobile gaming, he needed a device to match. Enter the Samsung Galaxy Note20, the latest proof that top-tier gaming experiences are no longer reserved to bulky, expensive consoles or tethered to a TV. Now, they fit in your pocket.

“As a gamer, I’m looking for high-quality content that's nice on the eyes, and the main thing that caught my attention from the Note20 was actually the refresh rate,” he says. “It allows you to customize and go all the way up to 120hz, which basically means you’re able to see 120 frames per second. That means every second of game play is jam-packed with action and detail.”

Though that might not mean much to the average person, for gamers it can be the difference between keeping a streak alive or ending up as a casualty. It makes drifting corners in Need for Speed a dream and aiming the crosshairs on PUBG super precise. “I can tell how butter-smooth swiping is,” Mason adds. “If I’m playing Call of Duty Mobile, flicking over to one side of the screen, having that not be choppy is super important in order to line up either my next shot or be able to find an enemy. Especially since you are playing on a smaller device.”

For many people, including Mason, shifting to a different phone can be daunting. What if transferring to a new system jeopardizes some of your most prized possessions? “For folks who haven’t made the switch to the Galaxy, I get it,” he says. “Switching to a new OS is scary! But Samsung makes its super easy.” With Smart Switch, you never have to worry about losing files; everything from photos, calendar dates, alarms, and even your call history gets transferred seamlessly in a simple, one-step process.

Whenever he and his fellow Spacestation Gaming streamers meet up at the team’s house in Las Vegas, Mason is always the most popular videographer. “It’s so funny. Any time they wanted to post anything to their platforms, they would come to me because the camera on this thing is absolutely insane,” Mason explains. “Videowise, it can shoot in 8k, which I didn't think existed. As a content creator, that’s been the biggest thing for me. I want to make sure everything I post is clear and sharp and as fancy as possible.”

Searching for the nearest outlet should never take away from gaming, and the Note20’s impressive battery life means you never have to be bored on the bus or METRORail again. Oftentimes, Mason doesn’t even charge his Samsung in a 24-hour window; if he forgets a charger, it lasts fully into the second day. Another handy feature, the built-in stylus, makes it a cinch to create written notes or live messages.

The Galaxy Note20's built-in stylus makes it a cinch to create written notes or live messages while streaming.

With his compatible MOGA Bluetooth controller, Mason can take full advantage of Xbox Ultimate Game Pass’s massive library on the road, too. “I set it up last month and that was mind-blowing to me, because we used to take our full Nintendo Wii system and a TV on car rides to be able to play those types of games on the go,” he says. “When I think of a phone, I think of the Flappy Bird–type games—you know, not very developed or able to hold your attention for very long. That’s just no longer the case. Samsung has found a way to make your phone an actual gaming device.”

Tune in on December 21 to watch Mason play Among Us, the enormously popular online multiplayer game, live on Twitch from his Note20. Mason will play with some of his favorite Twitch gamers while demoing the phone’s mobile gaming capabilities. “It’s my favorite way to play it with friends,” he says. “I can kick back on the couch, open up Discord to chat with my buddies while we play, and it’s a blast. Switching between voice chatting, texting, and playing, everything about the experience is seamless.”

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