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Annabella Bruzual: Apache Industrial Services

Breaking barriers and moving all those around her forward.

Presented by Annabella Bruzual, Apache Industrial Services March 3, 2022

Annabella Bruzual

Annabella Bruzual has been a woman on the move since she was just a little girl. Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Annabella immigrated to the United States as a child. She found a home here in Houston and is a University of Houston alum. She has worked her way up the ranks in her career at Apache Industrial Holdings, serving as the Corporate Communications and Marketing Director. Annabella is head of all communications and marketing efforts for North America Apache.

To put this amazing career achievement in perspective, less than 30% of women make up the manufacturing industry, with less than 5% reaching upper management positions. And Annabella was able to do it with Apache –the leader in the industrial services industry. Apache is recognized for providing exceptional safety and services, as well as their 400,000 square-foot fabrication facility with 40 locations across the United States and Canada.

Annabella isn’t finished proving herself, though. She works to mentor as many women as possible with their careers – specifically those in the industrial, energy, and oil and gas industries. She has worked hard to ensure minority women and immigrants coming from backgrounds similar to her own are included in these mentoring initiatives, and is fully backed by her current supervisor, Apache CEO Stephen Hillier, to push these personal initiatives. 

The message Annabella strives to share with those around her is, “regardless of the industry and spaces that you want to thrive and succeed in, don’t shy away if you don’t see a leader that looks like you or there isn’t a seat at you at the table. Go in fearless and create a seat to let your voice be heard and don’t be afraid to be the first and pave the way for women that come after you.”

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