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These sisters built a sustainable luxury jewelry brand by bringing ready-to-wear Fairmined gold to the fine jewelry industry.

Presented by Lakdawala March 7, 2022

 “Jewelry is very personal, and I’m so elated to bring sustainable luxury to the fine jewelry industry."

-Sana Lakdawala

As sister co-founders, Lakdawala represents our collective desire to create. Lakdawala is bringing ready-to-wear Fairmined gold to the fine jewelry space. Growing up, our dad would take the three of us shopping to buy gold jewelry for our mom. Seeing the intricate array of designs glistening in the gold bazars left us in awe. This is where our love affair with gold began. For us, jewelry is self-expression, wearable art and tradition. However, we’re no strangers to the harmful environmental impacts of mining, so bringing sustainable luxury became our deepest purpose when conceptualizing Lakdawala. We set out to find gold that resonates with our values of sustainability and transparency.

In March 2021, we became a Fairmined licensed brand, joining the #goldtobeproudof movement. Our commitment to the miners, the mining communities and the environment was solidified with this milestone. All our designs are sketched in-house and proudly made in New York. Designing pieces that celebrate the beauty of gold and seamlessly fit into the daily lives of our customers fuels our inspiration. We’re building a brand we seek as customers. Lakdawala is here to disrupt the fine jewelry industry, not the environment. 

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