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Five Pieces to Help You Ease into Autumn

Time to transition.

By Sarah Gabbart July 31, 2013

The Houston summer usually hangs around until way past September, making the switch to fall clothing a daunting task. How can you stay stylish—and cool—without dragging your jorts into autumn? Update your wardrobe for fall with these five essentials.


Time to Transition

Mossimo Supply Co. Slub Loop Scarf ($14.99) Target

Stock Up On Scarves
Stock up on this inexpensive wardrobe staple to bring a little bit of fall to your outfit. From Target to Tootsies, you can find scarves in autumn colors (think mustard yellow, burnt orange or slate gray) to fit your budget. Combine with chic shorts, sandals and a simple T-shirt and your casual summer outfit is suddenly brunch-worthy.

Toss On a Cardigan
Classic, easy and abundant, cardigans spruce up any outfit. Jeans and a T-shirt? Pop on a cardigan and some heels, and you’re date ready. Closet full of summer dresses? Pair a cardigan with one and you’re instantly work appropriate. This fall, look for one in a jewel tone like emerald green or bright blue to add a bit of on-trend color to your ensemble. 

Drapey Crepe Blazer ($69.88) Loft – Uptown Park

Button Up With a Blazer
A well-fitted blazer in a summer-weight fabric will be comfortable and stylish year-round in Houston. Wool gabardine, linen and cotton are great choices. Grab one made of these breathable fabrics to top off a chambray shirt and billowy skirt.

Elevate Your Ensemble With Ankle Boots
Nothing says “Who cares if it’s still hot outside?” like a low-heeled ankle boot paired with one of your summer dresses. These shoes offer the best of fall (boots!) without all that knee-high-leather-induced-sweltering business. A neutral-colored pair (think putty or light brown) will give you the most bang for your buck. 

Archer ($69) DV by Dolce Vita – Zappos.com

Show Your Sandals
Sandals are your best friend in our fair city–don’t hide yours away just because the calendar says it’s fall. Your trusty summer footwear gives cool-weather clothes a relaxed vibe and keep you cool, which is great because it’s probably definitely going to be 80 degrees outside until Thanksgiving.

Extra Credit: Sparkle and Shine
Metal is all the rage this fall. Add a touch of this trend without going overboard with a metallic belt or some sandals with gold detailing. 

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