"Ooohh" and "aaah" enthuse a crowd of well-dressed professional women as Fendi, fur, and fierce runway looks sweep past them. “Are those pants leather!?!” shouts someone in the back row, and the place explodes with giggles. As evidenced by the lively private fall fashion show at Saks Fifth Avenue last Thursday night, the Executive Moms Society (EMS) isn’t your ordinary mommy group. Rather, it’s a place where high-powered women can network with like-minded, career-focused contemporaries and talk about the terrible twos.

Photos by Dream of Me Photography.

At the event hosted by Saks, members and their guests enjoyed makeovers by Chanel, ample glasses of champagne, and an assortment of light bites while taking in the top trends for fall. Stunning fur boleros paired with sensible plum pantsuits and demure dresses accented with motorcycle leather were top looks of the night, as were the Christian Louboutin pumps covered in black studs. Though for many members the main draw here wasn’t the high-fashion temptations—it was the camaraderie and conversation.

Left to right: Suzette Tejeda, Lisa Pittman and Heidi Steinhagen. Photos by Dream of Me Photography.

“Many of us have been thrown out of other mom’s groups for not being able to meet the ‘requisite number of play dates.’ That’s why the Executive Moms Society was founded. We understand,” said Lisa Pittman, group president and civil litigation attorney at Martin, Disiere, Jefferson & Wisdom.

Created last year by Pittman and local businesswoman Suzette Tejeda, the goal was to create a once-monthly meetup for working moms in upscale locations close to downtown Houston.

Left to right: Jeannie Hale and Judge Alexandra Smoots-Hogan. Photos by Dream of Me Photography.

“In short, we wanted to create a 'good ole’ girls network',” said Pittman. “There is a myth that women don't help one another. My perception is that mothers just have so much on their plate in their own uphill climb to accomplish great things—or even to just get by—that they simply do not have the time to help those behind them.  It’s all they can do to accomplish their own obligations.  This group provides an outlet for women to learn from those ahead of them and to tutor those behind them.” 

Left to right: Dr. Carin Domann, Carina Gardner and Adriana Villarreal. Photos by Dream of Me Photography.



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