Here are five shows from New York that made an impression this year, for better or worse. 

Mara Hoffman Spring/Summer 2014 collection. Sam Aronov /

Prabal Gurung It's tough for fashion darlings to keep their place up top, and doubly so when that success is based on the tricky formula of out-there designs translating to mainstream success.  Prabal Gurang, known for his psychedelic prints, has dressed Oprah, Michelle Obama, and Kate Middleton to name a few, and launched a successful collection for Target. With his Spring 2014 collection, he played with his middle-America appeal by taking 1950s housewife silhouettes and turning them on their heads.  We'll see if the Duchess of Cambridge decides to try out a floral PVC cocktail dress. 

Opening Ceremony For Opening Ceremony’s first ever runway show, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon decided to go big. Models arrived on the runway in sports cars, Justin Bieber and Baz Luhrmann seemed equally in place perched front row, and the whole thing took place in a pop up shopping mall Opening Ceremony set up just for fashion week. The clothes might seem like an afterthought with all that flash, but the collection of polished streetwear in sky blue, red, and florals held its own.  

3.1 Phillip Lim A nature-inspired Phillip Lim collection will never end up in crunchy granola territory: Lim took earthy inspirations to his neck of the woods for a pristine, modern interpretation. Geological prints were embroidered on sheer organza and styled with reflective sunglasses for a futuristic effect. More impossibly well-dressed scientist than impossibly well-dressed wilderness explorer. 

Image by Shini Park

Alexander Wang Alexander Wang’s niece Aila has become fashion week’s cutest fixture. This year, she made an appearance at his show in a tee bearing with the Parental Advisory: Explicit Content logo that was also featured prominently in Wang’s collection this season. Aila also carried a Balenciaga bag, undoubtedly a perk of her uncle’s new position as Creative Director of the label.

Zac Posen There will always be a place for unbridled romance at fashion week, and Zac Posen is more than happy to fill that niche. Unfortunately, a few missteps are inevitable when designers get carried away in the world of satin and ruffles. Models end up walking down the runway dressed like napkins tossed aside after very fancy dinner parties instead of attendees of those fabulous soirees.

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