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Item of the Week: The Beyoncé Sweatshirt

In case you don't want people to have to just assume that you worship her.

By Tricia Gilbride January 9, 2014

When Beyoncé released her sneak-attack album, there were two main questions to be addressed:

How did she pull this off? Simply by virtue of being Beyoncé.  Or the Illuminati. Definitely one of those two.

Did you hear the surfboard thing?  For an artist who has carved a peerless place for herself at the top thanks to her perfectionism and the kind of meticulous planning required to, you know, release a #1 album under the cloak of night with no promition, the most radical thing to do is let loose.  The result was a semi-robotic, delightfully weird ad-lib during "Drunk in Love" about a surfboard (or serfbort if you prefer the alternate spelling) that is approximately a million times more humanizing than the album's preachy opening track about impossible beauty standards, "Pretty Hurts."

Never one to shy away from a good marketing opportunity, Beyoncé is now offering merch inspired by the album featuring the signature pink font including, yes, a SURFBOARD sweatshirt.  It's unclear whether Team Beyoncé anticipated the viral response and had planned to cash in on it all along or are simply commedably efficient -- both seem equally likely.  Either way, it's a good thing that they operate at the speed of the Internet, because there are already knockoffs on Etsy.


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