They’ve got us beat, you guys. Centuries of enjoying brisk walks on cobblestone streets and jaunts to the riverside to enjoy a bread-and-cheese lunch has turned our European friends into masters of the “I look this damn good no matter what I’m doing!” look. Like the old adage says, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

Here are three ways to imitate our continental cousins and enjoy the summer like a European.  

Drape + Flats 

European Style: Drape + Flats

One thing I’ve noticed in the summertime around Paris, Amsterdam, and London: draped silhouettes. Swing dresses, lightweight oxford shirts with a trapeze shape, and lightweight, oversized-but-fitted T-shirts dominate the street style scene. Go for something with a bold color and add a classy closed-toe sandal for some polish.

Bomber + Sneakers 

Bomber + Sneakers

We hiked up another staircase in Montmartre. Then another. Then another. While I was huffing and puffing, cursing my cute-but-unsupportive sandals, I was lapped by French gals left and right. What did they each have in common? Aside from surprising cardiovascular fitness (even with cigarettes in their hands!), they all had on sneakers. Really cool, retro sneakers. Grab a pair and pop on a lightweight bomber jacket (for when you’re indoors, duh) in a wild print for instant coolness.

Boots + Everything

Boots + Everything

Another thing a majority of stylish European ladies had in common was a much-loved pair of ankle boots. Black, brown, purple—it didn’t matter. Each outfit was elevated by the addition of this wardrobe staple, adding a casual and comfortable element to stuffier items (like a pencil skirt).

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