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Studio Saint Cloud

The Rice Village boutique shows 1970s-inspired luxury for pre-fall.

By Sarah Gabbart August 25, 2014

Visions of the 1970s and “you can’t tell me not to mix black and blue!” colorblocking are big for pre-fall at Saint Cloud, Rice Village’s go-to boutique for wanderlust-inducing clothing, accessories, and home goods. At a private, sit-down dinner and showcase, the owners brought out their favorite pieces for this transitional mini-season while guests enjoyed food from Cafe Brasil and ice cream sandwiches made from macarons from Ricca Co

Co-owner Jessica Rodriguez (far right, standing) entertains guests as Saint Cloud presents it's pre-fall items.

Inspired by shades of cognac, wine, camel, and navy, creative director and co-owner Cecilia Marquez looked to the Dazed and Confused era to create a story for fall. 

Saint Cloud
5217 Kelvin Dr.

“I see one piece or one campaign, and that really sets me off,” she said. “From there, I like to build a narrative around it for different categories of the store. I found a brown leather and denim Jerome Dreyfuss bag, and it just stuck with me. I had that in my head as I bought for the season.”

In addition to items like a pair of hexagon glasses that invoke Anjelica Huston’s chic aesthetic, the shop is heavily featuring items in black and blue. The colorblocked, minimalist items are meant to impart a feeling of rebellion, putting together colors that are usually pulled apart. Clothing and accessories are currently in store, but home goods will be in stock starting in October. 

1970s-inspired bags and accessories at St. Cloud.

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