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Time to Transition: Again.

Haute items for hot weather.

By Sarah Gabbart August 29, 2014

It’s that glorious time of the year when summer starts to show signs of fading away into fall. Not “oh my gosh it’s 60 degrees!” fall, but a “maybe an iced pumpkin latte?” type of fall. It’s still hot—GAWD IS IT STILL HOT—but maybe, just maybe it will be cool again soon.

Like I mentioned last year, it’s time to transition. Here are some key pieces to help you coax fall to the Bayou City.

The Midi Skirt

Ladylike and hot-weather friendly, the midi skirt is a great piece to add a little fall to your summer wardrobe. Long enough to cover your knees, but short enough to enjoy a little breeze (yep. I rhymed that.), this piece looks as good with sandals and bare legs as it does with boots and tights.

Wear now: With a striped T-shirt and a pair of “shooties.” Yes I shudder at the name, too. But they’re cute. 

Wear later: With a button-down chambray shirt, polka dot tights and some Doc Martens to de-westernize this burnt orange and denim color combo.    

Transition Pieces: Midi Skirt

The Knit Jacket

Yes I know it’s summertime. Yes, I also know that it was literally 100 degrees yesterday, but you need a good option to cover your shoulders in your chilly office or a frigid restaurant. A knit blazer is PERFECT for this—it’s lightweight enough to not have you sweating, but substantial enough to hold its shape.

Wear now: With a totally bangin’ embellished miniskirt, a simple silk tank and some nude ballet flats.  Your office not okay with the above-the-knee look? Pop on that midi skirt from above—it’s all good. 

Wear later: With a pair of great jeans, an interesting sweater and some booties. 

Transition Pieces: Knit Blazer

The Leather Tote

My dad and I were once at a gas station in Richmond, Texas, when we saw the coolest/most ridiculous thing ever. Standing in the candy aisle, debating the virtues of Skittles vs. Starburst, we heard the roar of a Dodge Viper and broke our necks trying to see who just brought the thunder to Lebanjee’s on HWY 90.

Looking straight out of an album cover, Frank Beard of ZZ Top stepped out of his flashy red car with black leather pants and a matching vest (No shirt. Possibly had on shoes. Definitely got service.). It was August, and he was a rock star—weather-appropriate clothing was just not on his level. For the rest of us, this look is probably a no-go, which brings me to a great alternative: a rock star–worthy leather tote. Grab one in a fall-hue like cognac or dusty blue and represent the season without having a heat stroke.

Wear now: With everything.

Wear later: Also with everything. 

Transitional Pieces: Leather Tote

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