A Southern Gothic Halloween at Sparrow and The Nest

Get over to one of Houston’s quirkiest shops for some stellar Halloween finds.

By Sarah Gabbart October 3, 2014

Halloween, I’ve found, is a time where retailers have two choices: go big or go ahead and hang up Christmas stuff. There is no in-between, not in my mind. It’s a holiday worthy of over-the-top ideas, which is precisely what Sparrow and The Nest is serving up this October.

Sparrow and The Nest 
1020 Studewood St.

A room of “Southern gothic” splendor created by local artist Melissa Bauman and shop owner Stephanie Lienhard showcases everything from spooky painted dishes and creepy “Glittertorians” (Victorian prints with hand-painted accents by Lienhard) to vintage housewares (in black, naturally) and one-of-a-kind art from popular local painter Katsola.

The most impressive part, however, is the way everything fits together. The room is full of mainly white, gray, and black, with subtle pops of color throughout, which makes for a really old-fashioned effect when coupled with the 1920s bungalow the shop resides in. It's like stepping into a witch's den and being shown all her prized posessions. 

There's an opening reception at 6:30 p.m. today, complete with live music and refreshments in addition to a special gift for the first 10 people who make a purchase.  

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