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Cuteheads Debuts Christmas-Card-Worthy Dresses

Things that make you go "Squeeeee!"

By Sarah Gabbart November 12, 2014

Cuteheads Picture Dress in gray marble, $60

If the amount of catalogs in your mailbox and the decorations in most major retailers are to be believed, the holidays are bearing down upon us at breakneck speed.

For folks with little ones, this means more than tracking down that must-have toy—it means finding holiday attire that makes the grandparents go “Squeeeee!”

Parents of little girls, you’re in luck! Cuteheads, the local go-to for cute/cool children’s wear, has just launched the Picture Dress Collection, a line of beautiful dresses that are perfect for the holiday season. 

"The collection is named for its picture-perfect image quality, designed to help stylish little ones stand out in a sea of sameness this fall and winter," said Esther Freedman, founder and designer for Cuteheads.

Made in the US, each fully lined dress ($60) comes with a button closure and a bow, in addition to matching bloomers—which means that jumping, running and climbing trees at the in-laws can be done without flashing everyone. It's a winter wonderland win-win. 



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