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Need to Get Glam? There's an App for That

Hiring an in-home stylist is now just as easy as ordering your Uber.

By Natalie Harms January 26, 2015

Whether you just want to treat yourself for an evening, or you need the full wedding package, BeGlammed is there for you with just the tap of your finger.

Image: BeGlammed

Of all the allures in The Princess Diaries—including baby Anne Hathaway becoming a princess and her cute rocker love interest played by a real-life rocker from Rooney—I always wished not for the giant closet with more square footage than my former New York apartment, but rather her personal team of stylists.

What a luxury it would be to chill out, blasting Spotify and flipping through Vogue before a big date or event while someone tirelessly brushed and styled your hair before meticulously transforming your face to runway-ready. Then, of course, to reveal your beautiful new look from behind heinous "before" pictures of yourself—or maybe this part is just a fantasy of mine.

Services starting at $60

It’s as if the goddesses of BeGlammed heard and granted my tweenage wishes. The company makes booking your own glam squad is simple. You visit the website—or download the free app—and book an appointment under one of the service packages they offer: full makeup and/or hair styling

BeGlammed founder Maile Pacheco wants to make BeGlammed the Uber of styling services by combining remote stylists with the accessibility of smartphone apps. The service is now available in Houston, along with Dallas, Las Vegas, Orange County, and Los Angeles. 

So the next time you don’t want to raise eyeliner to eye or curling iron to hair, remember; there’s an app for that.


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