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3 Ways to Up Your Style Game in 2015

No resolutions, just results from execution.

By Josh Robertson January 9, 2015

Every year, we always say that this year is going to be our year and it will be better than the last. This year, let's follow through. Ask yourself, how can you turn it all around? What aren't you doing currently that could be the answer to the equation?

Changing your fortunes in 2015 could be as easy as deciding to present yourself better—more stylishly, more professionally, more adult, perhaps. But whoever said old habits die hard was not selling you on a lie. Ushering in change, espeically in such an ingrained habit is rather difficult, yes, but not impossible.

What it comes down to is will, consistency, and perseverance. Consider me your style coach, and use these three tips to accomplish your goals in 2015. Let’s put the time and the effort in! Let’s go the distance! Put your game face on when the clock starts until it finishes! Think Tim Duncan in 2014 and know that 2015 can be your ring year.

1. Prep Time: When you look at a dream car like a Bentley, know that it takes almost 4 months to manufacture each vehicle into the road god that it is. Well, the same can be said about your appearance. Allot yourself some time to properly prepare for the day.

2. Think Before You Dress: Yes, today seems like just another day, but the fact is that no two days in your life are the same. I always say you never know who you will cross paths with, so it is imperative that you always look the part. The style gods are watching.

3. Dress Like You Mean It: Have a sense of purpose and urgency when you get ready for the day. No matter the field, appearance is half the battle.

Three January Must-Haves:

1. The Winter Suit: Lower Houston temps call for heavier wools. Washington grey stripe peak lapel suit, $569, at Suit Supply. 2. Dress Boots: Better than your average oxford, the cool cold weather alternative. Lionel Chelsea dress boots, $328 at Cole Haan. 3. Scarf: Neck coverage is at an all-time high. Cashmere smoked check trench scarf, $435 at Burberry.


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