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Fashion Week Redux: Lupe Gajardo's Murmurs of Chile

The South American designer mixes traditional influences into an avant garde style.

By Josh Robertson March 2, 2015

The fashions and style of Chile screams a whisper to the world, so far from the global fashion capitals that generally we can barely hear it. All that is about to change because Lupe Gajardo is strengthening that voice. Though this is her first showing at New York Fashion Week, she came on the fashion radar at Berlin Fashion Week a few seasons back, gradually growing her presence. Gajardo is first and foremost an artist and the only things that changes for her are the media—sculpture and textiles are her obsessions.

Her aesthetic is Chilean culture finely blended with a bit of avant garde panache. The result is something incredible that favors Greek and bohemian influence. Draped silhouettes are relaxed yet chic, with a bright-eyed inventiveness and a color palette of winter whites and neutrals giving it a wearable quality for the everyday woman.  

I was thrilled at the siren song of Chile, and now I want to hear more.

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