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The Ultimate Tailgate Bracelets

Natalie Hightower's simple, chic bracelets in college-colored gemstones are a must-have for football season.

By Sarah Rufca Nielsen October 13, 2015

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Houstonian Natalie Hightower designs stackable, colorful gemstone bracelets for football season and beyond.

Depending on the status of your alma mater's football record, this is the part of the season where games become either don't-miss affairs—the perfect weather and the march towards a bowl game basically demands attendance in the stands, or at least on a local patio—or a reason to be really productive every Saturday, checking the scores only occasionally to minimize the heartbreak. 

Either way, showing some kind of sartorial support for your team is still legally required. (This is Texas. Look it up.) For something a little more chic than the average baseball cap or tee, check out the college-themed bracelets from The Hightower Collection.

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Clockwise from top left, bracelet trios for TCU, Baylor, Texas Tech and the University of Texas.

Houstonian Natalie Hightower graduated from Texas Tech with a degree in fashion but turned her attention to jewelry in 2011, inspired by her late mother to connect with nature and the earth by working with gemstones and other natural materials. Her stretchy, single-strand bracelets look simple, but their tiny beads are made of agate, tourmaline, turquoise, hematite and other real stones instead of glass or plastic. 

They looked particularly great stacked together, and Hightower has capitalized on that by introducing bracelet trios in colors coordinated for various Texas colleges. A maroon agate bracelet is paired with white turquoise and gold hematite for Texas A&M, for example, and LSU's bands are made of yellow agate, purple amethyst and multi-colored stone beads mixed in with gold hematite beads and gold-plated bars. They are designed to wear together, but since Hightower includes gold beads or bars to add interest on each bracelet, they also work just as well individually. 

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Amazonite necklace, $200 at The Hightower Collection

Hightower sells bracelet trios for fans of A&M, LSU, Texas Tech (obviously), the University of Texas, Baylor and TCU for $40 each, but if you want to support, say Rice University, you could make your own bracelet trio from blue agate, gold hematite and white turquoise for $15 each, or support University of Houston by picking out red agate, white turquoise and a bracelet with stripes of both. Or reach out to Natalie directly for something custom. 

Be careful, though. Picking out a set of easy, fun bracelets could easily lead you into bolder jewelry directions, into high-fashion-ready collars of chunky amazonite or lapis lazali shards and layer-ready opera-length necklaces accented by horn, arrowhead or gold pendants. It's a slippery, stylish slope is what I'm saying.

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