Jewelry Designer Rebecca Lankford Debuts a Studio Shop

The Heights space showcases a few of her favorite things.

By Sarah Rufca Nielsen November 11, 2015

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Jewelry designer Rebecca Lankford has turned the first floor of her studio into a showroom and shop.

Image: Sarah Rufca

Standing inside jewelry designer Rebecca Lankford's showroom and studio, it occasionally sounds like someone is doing construction upstairs on the second floor. Surprise: it's the sound of her jewelry being made. How's that for hyper-local?

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Every line in the shop was chosen because it has a personal or aesthetic connection to Lankford and her work.

Image: Sarah Rufca

The building on Yale was formerly the site of Koelsch Gallery (which has since moved to Montrose), and the first-floor shop retains the sleek, open feel of an art space. It's also a fitting extension of Lankford's brand—she's known for her simple studded leather bracelets, minimalist rings and delicate pendant necklaces that are made for stacking.

In addition to cases filled with Lankford's designs, she's brought in vendors that she has either a personal or stylistic connection with to round out the collection. There are photographic prints by Max Burkhalter (who, full disclosure, also shoots for Houstonia regularly), rough three-dimensional gold crosses by Barbara Biel, simple yet lovely handbags by Detroit's b.may, small leather goods by Hatton Henry and modern fragrances by indie lines Fiele and Capsule, not to mention Lankford's line of hide-embellished tees, aBidE

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Lankford's jewelry collection is also on display.

Image: Sarah Rufca

Even the building, which Lankford moved her product and retail business into last December, holds special meaning. Koelsch Gallery was the first location to stock and sell her jewelry two decades ago, so to move into the space feels like coming full circle, she says.

The idea is that jewelry lovers or anyone looking for a gift can stop in and find at a number of price points that are connected by the same style—simple, sleek, natural and made either by hand or in small batches. Then they can grab a card from The Little Illustrator and have everything they need in a gift with one quick stop. 

The Rebecca Lankford studio shop is located at 703 Yale St. and open to the public on weekdays during regular office hours. 

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