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I Tried It: Silver Hair

With my pewter pixie, I'm living out my gothic teenage dreams.

By Hala Daher March 23, 2016

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When it comes to hair color, silver is the new black.

Though I love my pixie cut and don't plan on growing my hair out anytime soon, I sometimes get bored of the same style. To bring some variety into my life, I've embraced changing my hair color pretty regularly. In the last few years, I've run the gamut of Pinterest board hair from purple and blue to platinum. Most recently I tried silver and it was probably my most favorite look of all. 

I made an appointment with Keelan at Shampu Salon in Midtown for a cut and color. He's my regular hair stylist (he kills at pixie cuts) but I've never let him color my hair before, which is a shame on my part—he's awesome at hair color. I regularly stalk his Instagram account to admire his balayage work. I've seen him take clients with virgin black hair to silver and have them look flawless. For at least a year, he's been insisting on doing my hair in silver and I finally agreed.

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The author with her new silver color.

At this point I've already had platinum hair for about two months so my hair was already bleached out. This is important; The color has to be completely lifted from hair to tone a light color like silver. We decided to not touch up my roots and instead "paint" them a darker silver, with a lighter color at the ends. It would have a slightly ombre effect as it grew out. The silver toner he chose for me from Guy Tang's series with Kenra had hints of lavender and would flatter my darker complexion more than the platinum.

A couple of hours later and I had a brand new cut in pewter and I thought I looked fabulous. With my all-black-everything wardrobe, subtle septum jewelry and new hair color, I was living out my gothic teenage dreams in slightly more mature packaging.

A few days later, I flew to Europe to see my family and much to my relief they were all into it. My very judgy, very Parisian and very stylish aunt said "I love this so much, I want you to keep it forever. Or until you get actual gray hair. Then go back to your natural color." I humored her by promising I would, but we all know I get bored quickly.

I thought maintaining the silver would be a pain but it isn't as bad as keeping up the platinum hair. For one, the ombre effect required less visits to the salon as my hair grew out, though I still used a purple shampoo and conditioner to tone out any brassiness regularly. Once a week I would use Aveda's Black Malva conditioner to help fight the fading color. Alas, I couldn't keep the silver hair for longer than six weeks, as my hair was too damaged to undergo another round of bleach. I went back to my natural color, but I'm planning on going silver again very soon. 

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