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Art, Fashion and Music Collide on the AV+F Tour

Fresh artists arise at the Houston kickoff of the up-and-coming collaborative event.

By Miranda Proctor May 26, 2016

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A deejay performs a set at AV+F.

Recognition is an elusive friend in the arts community. That's why Art Vibes Fashion, often styled AV+F, focuses on bringing communities together by showcasing promising local visual and performance artists, fashion designers, musicians, and hair and makeup artists with statements to be made. The show kicked off its second-annual nationwide tour last weekend with an eclectic bang at Houston's Sharespace

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Visual artist Dawne Marrow at AV+F.

Houston participants included visual artist Dawne Marrow, whose signature vinyl-inspired pieces showcase the "B-side of life," a reminder for her audience that it's important not to forget about the little things in life. "The B-side of vinyl always has the best stuff. The B-side of life is the stuff that we forget—we tend to focus on some of the wrong things," says Marrow. There's also a celestial quality in many of her pieces that serves to represent all things heavenly, especially the people who have passed on and watch over us. 

Briana2 tmpf7x

Briana Abdullah displays her work at AV+F.

Another artist whose work was grabbed attention from every corner of the room is Briana Abdullah. Emotion, movement, complexity—you can find it all in her work, which spans multiple media from watercolor to photography. There's a sultry soulfulness to her art that is difficult to articulate but easy to find beautiful.

"I'm inspired by what I see in my dreams. Essentially I was trying to create a sense of something textually flat but with dynamic color variations," says Abdullah.

Another standout was Hassana Tadi, who didn't seem to have any trouble dazzling her audience with her vivacious colors. 

Hassana2 zubxde

Works by Hassana Tadi at AV+F.

Tadi's work reflects the simplicities in life—from the donut she eats on her way to work to the selfie she takes before stepping into the office. The vibrant colors paradoxically assault and soothe the eye, breathing life into the small black and white photos tacked beside each piece. While we may only see a simple glazed donut, she sees so much more.

"[I'm] still discovering myself as a creative, but I have recently realized that I work best when I let my unconscious mind control my creative endeavors," says Tadi.

Despite being a relatively new tour—AV+F launched in 2015—its popularity is catching fire. If you're traveling this summer, keep an eye out for future tour dates and locations, especially considering they'll be making their international debut next year.

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