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I Tried It: Facial Mists

Instead of looking sweaty and gross, I felt glowy, pretty and clean.

By Hala Daher May 26, 2016

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Ladies, I just solved your Houston summer sweaty face problems. No more runny makeup! No more red blotches or heat-stressed skin! I finally figured it out: The secret is water. Not to drink, of course, though that's certainly helpful. But as a facial mist to spray on your face throughout the day. Yes, I found another way to make my daily facial routine even more complicated. But this is simple—just spray.

You can't use just any water, of course. That would be too easy and too cheap. There are two ways to do this and I've tried both. You can get a thermal water spray from brands like Avène or La Roche-Posay. They're sold online on Amazon or at Ulta and Sephora. This is basically fancy French water packaged in a spray bottle and thankfully is not too expensive compared to other products on the market. The nutrients and elements in the thermal spring water are supposed to help soothe stressed skin and act as an anti inflammatory. Spray all over your face then blot off on hot, humid days and enjoy the coolness.

I love the way the water feels when it hits my skin, but I'll be honest, the blotting is a pain in the ass and adds an extra step. From what I've read, if you don't blot and just let the water evaporate from your face, it causes dryness. No one wants that.

To avoid the blotting and the dryness, I looked into facial mists enriched with essential oils and botanical extracts. I got my hands on a small bottle of Caudalie Beauty Elixir ($49). Technically this is a toner, not straight water like the thermal stuff. It contains rosemary, mint and rose extracts to add some freshness and hydration and it smells like a spa you never want to leave. 

I've used the Beauty Elixir a few ways. I tried it as a setting spray immediately after putting on makeup and again throughout the day to refresh my makeup. I've used it on airplanes to hydrate my parched skin and it works wonders in that context. I've also used it in my 10-step routine to add an extra boost of hydration between steps.

I liked the end result but this tiny bottle is too expensive to waste in that way, and I've read that regular water will do the trick. My favorite way to use it, by far, has been as a coolant on hot, summer days. I'm not sure if it's the mint extract or just the simple act of spraying something cool on your face on those awful days, but it works. My face felt cool, tingly and refreshed in the heat. Instead of looking sweaty and gross, I felt glowy, pretty and clean without having to blot anything.

I now keep a small bottle in my purse and pray on whenever I feel like I've overheating. I've had people look at me like I'm a crazy person, but they get it when I offer them a spray. At the least, you'll feel glamorous and solve one of the problems of living through the Houston summer. 

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