Pretty in Pink: Nude Lips Are the Look of the Summer

It's not just Kylie Jenner that's obsessed with these soft pink hues.

By Julia Davila May 17, 2016

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As spring turns into summer, lighter shades are your new neutrals, with a natural, fresh vibe that's perfect for the season. A nude or soft pink lip should instantly flatter your skin tone and bring your dewy glow to life, as seen on red carpets earlier this spring on stars like Jennifer Lopez and Angelina Jolie. Though the shade can be universally flattering, that doesn't mean it's easy to wear: The wrong lipstick can make you look pale or tired.

We asked a handful of professionals why they are all about nude lips all summer, and no, none of them mentioned Kylie Jenner and her sold-out-in-minutes lip kits. We suggest you stop by your favorite beauty counter, stat.

Makeup artist Misty Rockwell of Glam Studio:

"Soft and glowy makeup is all the trend right now, with heavy makeup being a thing of the past. Soft nudes and pinks really work well with any type of makeup look you are going for. You can virtually pair it with any eyeshadow look and it’s going to look soft and not overdone. It can be great during the day and even pair well with an evening look."

How to rock it: “You can definitely make a statement with nude or soft pink lips, but please don’t skimp on the lip liner. Softer lighter colors can get lost on the lips, so you need to accentuate them with a really good liner.”

Lip picks: Stila, Charlotte Tilbury, MAC

Makeup artist Melissa McKinney of Sensia Studio:

“I think it’s easy for every woman to wear because not everyone can wear a red or a berry, so it’s easier for skin tones and for women to feel comfortable, too. It’s just an easy go-to.”

How to rock it: “The eyes need to shine when you have a softer lip. People are still loving big, bold eyeliner and wearing false eyelashes to really bring out their eyes. Sometimes when you are dazzling up the eyes like that, a softer lip looks better because if you put something too bold on the lip, you’re looking at the lip and not the eyes.”

Lip picks: Sensia's Lady Finger, Gliss, G String, Snow Kiss and Sex on Heels

Makeup artist Katie Burns:

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Nude lip tips: Don't forget to exfoliate and play up the eyes.

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“The nude lip has come back this spring with a soft pink touch approach. It goes with the whole 'no makeup-makeup look' that was trending and still is.”

How to rock it: “Steer clear of cooler nude colors with grey undertones because they can make you look dull and pale. Also goes for any white-base lip shades. Go for beige and very light pink tones. The perfect neutral lip shade should flatter your skin tone and light up your face, not drain it of life!”

How to rock it, pt. 2: "Be sure to exfoliate the lips and then moisturize them, especially if you’re about to wear a matte or long-wearing lip product."

Lip picks: Jentry Kelley Guava lip liner with Bunni Kisses lipstick and Pink Opal gloss


Beauty blogger Faith Haller:

“Nude/soft pink is a classic shade now. It's also a shade that goes with everything and it's non-offensive.”

How to rock it: “You can make a statement with a lip liner by...creating an ombre effect. It will give dimension and make the nude pop. Or you can add a three-dimensional gloss in the center of the lips to bring focus to the center.”

Lip picks: Milani Cosmetics Amore Matte Lip Crème in #11 Precious and #12 Loved; Girlactik Matte Lip Paint in Bashful, Sweet and Starlet; Magnolia Makeup Ultra Mattes in D. Rose and Misunderstood

Makeup artist Rosie Castro of Studio 7 Makeup Artistry:

“Soft nudes are definite knock-out colors to wear for spring and summer seasons. This color scheme truly never goes out of style. They at times stay dormant during other seasons but like clockwork, subtle pink hues are sure to be back, dressed on the lips of those daring enough to express them.”

How to rock it: “When selecting your makeup wear for the day, always remember to be confident and creative. Ideas to consider for the best makeup applications are bold eyes, bronze cheeks, nude lip; bold eyes, soft shades for cheek, nude lip; neutral/warm shadows, soft/nude glossy lip; bare eyes, soft cheeks, matte or glossy lip; shades of pink shadows, shimmer highlight, nude pink matte lip. Whatever your style may be, be fearless and artistic.”

Lip picks: For fair to lighter skin tones, peachy pinks and rose-toned colors like Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Nude Beige or Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Color in Blushing Beige. Medium to tanned skin tones should look for pinks with a hint of caramel including MAC Lipstick in Hue or L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Lipcolour in Ballerina Shoes. Dark skin tones look amazing in warm and pale pinks such as MAC Lipstick in Crème Cup and Dose of Colors lipstick in Play Date.

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