The 5-Step Summer Hair Survival Plan

Heat, humidity, chlorine, saltwater—summer can be rough on your hair. Here's how to keep it looking fresh.

By Beth Levine July 27, 2016

Img 9135 hbhqm4

BBBs in action.

Hair—glorious, expensive-to-maintain hair—can take a serious beating in the heat and humidity of Houston’s summertime inferno as well as on our beloved beach vacations. To help get our hair through this summer unscathed, we enlisted hairstylist Jenna Robichaux Ibarra of Fringe Salon and Color Bar for some helpful tips to beat the heat here at home and keep things looking good at the beach—much needed on our recent trip to Tulum, Mexico, where the hotel had nary a hairdryer in sight. Here's our best advice on how to keep your mane glorious and your coloring (especially for us blondes) true to shade this season.

1. We put sunscreen everywhere, so don’t forget your hair. Look for products that have UV protection to help keep the sun's damaging rays from hurting your locks and your color. There are even products you can buy specifically designed to spray on for UV hair protection.
2. If you must get your hair wet in the pool or the ocean, rinse your locks with cold water (even simple tap water will do) first to prevent your hair from absorbing to much chlorine or too much salt. When drying your hair after a dip, try to use a cotton t-shirt instead of a beach towel, as most towel materials pull too much moisture out of your hair and the cotton t-shirt will remove the excess water without frizzing or over-drying your hair.
3. Cut down on the shampoo use in the summertime when showering—try alternating with just cold water and a rinse-out conditioner or skipping the shampoo every other shower. When you do shampoo, look for products that are hydrating, anti-humidity, sulfate free, UV protective and alcohol free.

Img 9005 biyga3

Just like that: post-BBB beach waves.

4. Don't overuse hairspray or other styling products in the summer, as they usually contain a high alcohol content and can dry out your hair with the intense heat this time of year. Instead of spraying them directly on your mane, try spraying them on either a hair brush or wide tooth comb if you need all-over styling control; if you just need spot control, try spraying it on a toothbrush and running it gently over the areas of your hair that need it.
5. If your beach holiday does not include hair dryers, curling irons or flat irons (like ours), but you still want to have sexy beach waves (like we did), then try Jenna’s No. 1 summer hair hack: Baby Beach Buns.

We dubbed them BBBs for short and set them in place with bobby pins so that hair gets a natural, beachy wave without those pesky indentation crimps from tight elastic bands. Here's how to do it: Gently comb through your wet hair, part it down the middle and wrap buns as small as possible on either side of your head, using two bobby pins to secure each bun. Wait 'til your hair is dry, take out the bobby pins and shake your glorious beach waves loose. On our girl code honor, this picture (taken at Azulik Hotel in Tulum) was taken right after removing our BBBs, followed by nothing but a quick run through her hair with fingers. 

With these tips in mind, we hope you and your hair enjoy a glorious summer!

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