Watch Lindsey Vonn Make J.J. Watt Blush at the ESPYs

Stars, they're just like us: easily embarrassed by groin jokes.

By Sarah Rufca Nielsen July 14, 2016

You'd think it would take a lot to unsettle the man who has recorded a record 74.5 sacks in five years (the second-fastest clip in history), who regularly takes to the gridiron while bleeding from the head and who makes the news simply for taking a pic of his abs. Not so.

Watt was on the red carpet ahead of Wednesday's Espy Awards, being interviewed alongside skier (and possible JJ Watt makeout partner) Lindsey Vonn by ESPN anchor Hannah Storm when Vonn made a PG-rated joke about Watt's injury recovery program including "lots of massages in the groin area." As she laughs and elbows him, Watt's face turns into a tomato in real time. 

To be fair, he starts out a healthy salmon pink, probably because it's hot wearing a suit outdoors in the middle of the afternoon in July, but within seconds he's all but maroon. Seriously, J.J. blushes so hard that just watching it may cause second-hand blushing.

It is the most adorable football-related moment since the Puppy Bowl. Thanks, Linds.

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