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Houston Boutique Kissue Debuts A Deeply Cool New Line

The sisters behind Kissue love the lace-up look so much they designed their own label around it.

By Sarah Rufca Nielsen September 29, 2016

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As the owners of Rice Village boutique Kissue, sisters Kailey Tissue McCollum and Kaygen Tissue are on the front-lines of fashion, buying and sussing out the big trends for upcoming seasons. So when they had an idea for their own label, everything quickly fell into place.

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"There's a trend going around, the lace-up detail, and Kaygen came up with the idea to create some tops—mostly sweaters because it's fall, but also some tees and tanks," says McCollum. Just like that, KISSUE: The Label was born. The sisters take existing shirts from a local supplier and cut a deep V in each neckline before lining it and adding some sort of fabric to hold it together—most of them are laced up through grommets, but a few bold versions are connected with just three strips of silk ribbon—the better to show off that trendy bralette underneath. 

"Kaygen definitely has an eye for this trend that's huge right now, and ours is a slightly different take on it," says McCollum. "It's definitely a signature look for us, it resembles a lot of our aesthetic: it's edgy, its unique and its cool."

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The sisters are creating each piece by hand—stop by the boutique on a quiet weekday and you could even get to see them work—and are limiting themselves to only one of two versions of each individual design. They are also giving customers the option to bring in their own shirt for the sisters to customize with a lace-up detail or trim of their choice. 

"We're not going to restock when designs sell out—our goal to keep busting out new designs. We want our customers to feel special, and producing such limited quantities is good for customers because they are going to be the only one with their piece," says McCollum.

KISSUE: The Label tees and sweaters range from $50 to $60, and are available at the Kissue boutique, 2532 Amherst St. in Rice Village, as well as through their website.

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