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11 Stylish Houstonians We Met in 2016

And their best fashion and beauty advice, from how to pack for a road trip to hair tricks to conquer the Houston summer.

By Sarah Rufca Nielsen December 30, 2016

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From left: Lea McKinney Tcholakian, Travis Cal, Jill Reno, Henry Richardson, Georgeta Teodorescu

Want the secret to packing well, nailing a presentation, surviving the Houston heat and finding athletic wear that packs a punch? Our Houston style setters know all. Consider this your style cheat sheet for 2017.

MMA reporter and vlogger Stephanie Joplin on how to have fabulous hair in humid Houston: "About one hour before I wash my hair, I cover the ends with raw coconut oil and put it up in a plastic shower cap. (Do NOT put coconut oil next to your roots!) This keeps your hair soft, supple and smooth. After washing thoroughly, I use an anti-frizz cream. After styling, I finish with a small drop of Kardashian Beauty Black Seed Dry Oil. It really helps to keep the humidity out of my hair and keep it looking healthy. Unless you have very oily hair, try to wash your hair only every four to five days. More washing will dry your hair and scalp out, causing dead looking locks and dandruff."

Stylist and designer Travis Cal on the one thing that never belongs in your closet: "No wire hangers, ever. No wire hangers. No wire hangers. You don’t need them. They damage your clothes. They don’t hold their shape. I wish I could tell everyone to go out and get wood hangers and the good hangers for your blazers, but they won’t. Just go get the black space-saver hangers. I’m cool with that."

Jewelry designer Jill Reno on how to style your accessories like a pro: "I think if you’re wearing a necklace that’s long, you can wear a bigger earring, but if you’re wearing something that falls closer to your neck, you want a smaller earring. Also, if you’re stacking bracelets or rings, I like to do it in threes. You want to keep it balanced."

Comptroller Chris Brown on the best place to buy suits: "I’m a value- and cost-conscious shopper who wants the best style and quality at the best price. In Houston, that means Suit Supply."

Updo artist Heather Chapman on the best hairdryer money can buy: "I love my SuperSolano blow dryer! It’s powerful and the fastest at drying my hair. A bit heavy but hey, there’s your arm workout for the day!"

The Suffers drummer Nick Zamora on how to pack for a road trip: "I roll little things, fold pants, and hang shirts and jackets. We have our trailer set up to hang garment bags so it keeps the other bags small. We pack as light as possible and travel with an electric steamer."

Arts insider Lauren Gayden on where to find chic cocktail looks for all sizes: "I purchase many web exclusives with Avenue, IGIGI, and Lane Bryant. They have some fashions that are more boutique-style and some exclusive designer lines that are not in store."

Fitness magnate Henry Richardson on his favorite workout wear: "There are finally more options for really good men’s activewear lines. There is Nike, Under Armour, Reebok, and Adidas brands that are all great, but my favorite brands are lululemon and a new Paul Smith 531 line that has them all beat."

Marketing powerhouse Georgeta Teodorescu on how to dress to impress business clients: "I don’t have a 'big day' routine, but I will decide on an outfit, makeup and hair based on specifics: Is it going to be a very corporate setting or do they celebrate individuality? What are the client’s brand colors? I know, that’s geeky, but I don’t want to show up wearing their competitor’s color scheme. Is whatever I’m wearing going to feel comfortable while delivering the presentation? Lastly, what can I do to make the outfit stand out? I like to add something unexpected."

Artist Lea McKinney Tcholakian on how to keep your look fresh in the Houston heat: "I love my Tarte Cosmetics maracuja blush and glow. The “glow” is a subtle shimmer that I apply to my eyes and cheeks. Makes me look dewy rather than sweaty."

Tween actor Gabriel Silva on the ultimate style staple: "One day I may rock a skater boy look, the next I might dress preppy, and the next conservative ... but whatever I put on, my Chucks are a must."

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