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There are a lot of shiny new spaces inside the re-designed lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel Houston, and in between the inviting Chesterfield sofas in the lobby, the super-swank bathrooms and a touch of Top Golf, it is easy to miss the other new space—a small store tucked into the rear of the lobby.

The store, dubbed Buttonhook, is the first local outpost of Maris Collective, which started in 2008 bringing high-end retail with a sense of place to luxury resorts. By those standards, Maris Collective's take on Houston's sense of place is undeniably masculine and moneyed (or maybe that's just the Super Bowl-ready version).

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Fine jewelry cases inside Buttonhook

The clothing lines on the racks will rotate quarterly, but the first is New Zealand's Rodd & Gunn, a line of men's polos, button-downs, sweaters, denim and leather shoes that feels fairly traditional—if you lost your luggage, you could pick up something for a meeting in a board room or on the links in a pinch. Or you could just pop in for a little foosball on the table in the middle of the store, probably the reason why the store feels more than a little bit fratty.

There's also a case of exotic leather accessories by Parisian designer Anne Sisteron, men's grooming products by Jack Black, an active shoeshine stand (!) and the standard shelf of everyday hotel needs—toothbrush, pain relievers, etc. In the back corner, there's a jewelry case full of high-dollar sparklers—if the splendor of nearby Discovery Green inspires a Four Seasons visitor to pop the question, there's a emerald and diamond stunner that will suffice for the job. What else could you really need?

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