So long, Dereon

Goodbye to the Hadley Street Dreams

Mathew Knowles has sold the Midtown music and event complex where Beyoncé and Solange recorded.

By Sarah Rufca Nielsen May 25, 2017

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The historic Rice Mansion—a century-old estate named for the nephew of Rice University—is the former headquarters for Music World Entertainment and one of three buildings on the block sold by Mathew Knowles.

When Solange released her first album in 2008, she called it Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams. It was named after the complex that served as the headquarters for Mathew Knowles's Music World Entertainment, comprising a full city block in Midtown bounded by Webster, LaBranch, Crawford and, yup, Hadley streets.

Now Houston Chronicle's Nancy Sarnoff reports that Knowles has sold the Midtown property to "a realty group associated with car dealer chain Group 1 Automotive," which operates 159 dealerships internationally, including Midtown Advantage BMW just a block away from the property. According to Sarnoff, Knowles bought the 62,500-square-foot block in 2002—five years after his management company helped Destiny's Child to become a top-selling girl group—for $2.5 million, and that the land is currently appraised at $4.7 million according to Harris County records.

"Having bought it as an investment, someone knocked on my door and made me an offer I couldn't refuse," Knowles told the Chronicle. His Music World Entertainment has reportedly already moved out of the complex and into a larger space in Southwest Houston. 

In addition to the historic Rice Mansion, which served as an event space and office space (and held an incredible amount of Destiny's Child memorabilia), the Music World complex also contained a separate recording studio and the House of Dereón, a larger event space that was designed and named by Tina Knowles. She divorced Mathew in 2011, the same year that his daughters fired him as their manager. 

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