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How To Style Your Slip Dress, Part II

From music festival to business meeting, three more ways to accessorize a '90s inspired slip dress and take it on the town.

By Beth Muecke May 3, 2017

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Image: Angie Fanelli

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post showing three ways to style one slip dress. Well, I have three more ways, so I decided to create a sequel!  Most of us girls think a slip dress is only meant as lingerie, but it can be super cute out on the town. It’s the perfect piece to bring a so-hot-right-now '90s vibe into your wardrobe, and you probably already have one in your top drawer.

For my first look I wanted something to wear to a music festival. I love going to these events and am always looking for a cute outfit. I added an ecru lace bralette, fishnet tights, a bold belt, lots of necklaces, a boho hat adorned with flowers and a backpack. Lastly, I'm wearing cute but comfortable black boots, because you do a lot of walking and dancing at outdoor music festivals.

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Image: Angie Fanelli

For my second look I was thinking, "What if I could wear this slip to bed and and then wake up the next day and throw something on for a quick Sunday brunch?" I'm sure I'm not the only girl who would love the ease of doing that on a Saturday or Sunday morning. I added a simple white t-shirt, Converse tennis shoes, a bandana to calm my messy hair and a comfy plaid shirt—no jewelry needed. 

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Image: Angie Fanelli

Lastly, I thought this slip dress could also be useful for a business lunch. I added a lace button-up blouse, a black tie, blazer, and fedora. Some sheer black hose and black boots complete the look.

Hmaggreenslip7 txzbnr

Image: Angie Fanelli 

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