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10 Questions About the New Fashionista Ken Dolls

What time does Tiny Lumberjack Ken’s shift at Better Luck Tomorrow start?

By Javier Garza June 26, 2017

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Mattel's new line of Fashionista Barbies and Kens

Barbie's beloved Ken is boxed in by traditional masculinity no more. Following a Barbie makeover in 2016 that introduced the iconic doll to different hair colors, ethnicities and the hint of curves, Mattel has now introduced a series of six new Ken dolls, inspired by the six types of guys you see at Whole Foods Market. As usual, we have questions.

  1. Does Ken do all literally all of his shopping at TopMan?
  2. Does Social Media Manager for a Tech Start-up Ken hold hands with Barbie while they get their eyebrows threaded?
  3. When is Targaryen Ken gonna shut up about the benefits of matcha tea?
  4. How many of Rachel Maddow Ken's sentences start with the word "actually"?
  5. Did Pink Tank Ken tell his parents he was just “experimenting” in college?
  6. What time does Tiny Lumberjack Ken’s shift at Better Luck Tomorrow start?
  7. Does Man Bun Ken come with a hairline that reflects male pattern baldness?
  8. How many pics of aerial yoga poses are on Targaryen Ken’s Instagram feed?
  9. Does Social Media Manager for a Tech Start-up Ken come with Purple Rain on vinyl as an accessory?
  10. How long will it be before Barbie quits Bumble to focus on her career as a surgeon-CEO-fashion designer?
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