I was already in college when my mom dropped my sister off for her freshman year at Texas State University, so I don't know exactly how it went down. But I'm almost 100 percent sure that my mom did not one-up my sister upon departure like Twitter user and Houston teen Avery_Leilani's did.

"I made some friends. Don't wait up," wrote Avery's mom, the hero we both need and deserve, as she sent her daughter pictures of herself surrounded by shirtless guys. I mean, this troll is so good it's almost worth having a kid, raising it for 18 years and paying for in-state tuition just to let it play out.

We're all in awe, including Leilani, who not only sent her mom skulls in response—because she is dead, this joke having literally murdered her—but also replied to her own viral post by noting that "My mom got more action than me."

I mean, what is Avery's mom going to do at graduation? At her wedding? Avery, please keep us updated because we need to know. Actually, what is she doing this week, and does she want to meet up for happy hour?

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