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It's Not A True Selfie Unless You Can See Your Aura

Amber is the color of your energy—or is it blue? Find out at MOODxMOSS's Houston pop-up.

By Sarah Rufca Nielsen October 9, 2017

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Mood x Moss aura portraits

You read your horoscope daily, love a good Tarot card reading and can tell your palm's love line from your life line. But have you ever taken a photo of your energy? 

If not, you'll want to make a beeline to bedding boutique Tribute Goods on Oct. 12 and 13, when Carrie Moss of Austin-based MOODxMOSS will be snapping aura portraits in Houston for the first time.

"I've been in photography in some way for the last 25 years and a spiritual seeker/New Age gal for almost just as long," says Moss, who launched her business in 2016 after learning about a special camera and sensor system said to capture a person's aura, or colorful energy field. "Your aura is emanating off your body in wavelength form and the sensor is the radio that captures it," she explains.

For $39, interested parties can stop by the store (Moss recommends making a reservation online first, as her slots frequently sell out) and enter into her 9-foot yurt—don't even think about calling it a photo booth—for a totally unique experience. With your hands on the sensors, the portrait is taken, and as the polaroid-like image becomes clear, Moss goes over the meaning of the colors that emerge. 

"I can tell if they need energy work if the aura is murky or if there's a lack of color somewhere," says Moss. "Each vibration or color has its positive and negative aspects. Take red, for example, zesty reds are passionate, living live to the fullest, but when they are out of power or out of balance or harmony red can turn in to domineering, not respecting others' boundaries or people who are easy to anger or get depressed."

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