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7 Celebrities Who Have Embraced 'Short Hair Don't Care'

Houston in July: Hot enough to make you want to cut all your hair off.

By Rebekah Kibodeaux July 6, 2018

There’s a sort of trigger that goes off in Southern women when the temperature outdoors begins to rise. The mane of hair we’ve proudly grown long from fall to spring suddenly becomes burdensome, from how long it takes to wash to the never-ending trials of the perfect topknot to relieve our necks of sweaty locks.

The urge to chop isn’t always abided by; sometimes we resist, but for those eyeing the short hair trend with desperation as your AC struggles to keep up, just know that you’re not alone. Blunt bobs and soft, wavy shoulder curtains are very in vogue at the moment, and our favorite celebrities are following suit.

The end of an era

Zooey Deschanel officially said farewell to her time as Jessica Day on New Girl by shocking the world and cutting her signature long, dark hair into an adorable '60s-inspired bob earlier this year.


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By the same token, actress Emilia Clarke dyed her hair Daenerys blonde for the final season of her show, Game of Thrones, making her already buxom bob that much more eye-catching.


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Get in formation

America’s sweetheart Gina Rodriguez, with a shoulder-length look, was featured in The Wrap’s spotlight on powerful women in television alongside other inspiring stars rocking shorter styles like Zazie Beetz and Claire Foy.


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To the chin

Speaking of Jane the Virgin, breakout star Yael Grobglas chopped her locks to the chin and has been rocking her carefree hairstyle both on and off the screen. (It should be noted, Yael’s look is this writer’s personal summer hair inspiration.)


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The inimitable Gabrielle Union also recently took the plunge with a chin-length cut and has been strutting her new vacation vibe to the envy of many.


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A host of hair

HBO’s Westworld is chock-full of strong, confident women, and two of them just happen to sport the shoulder-grazing trend outside of the park.

Tessa Thompson, the internet's favorite crush of the moment, tends to experiment with her style from fabulous day to fabulous day, but the length she sports on the show is so classic and spot-on for anyone looking to ease their curly hair routine.


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Evan Rachel Wood has rocked a chic, shorter style for a while now, and it continues to work with her aesthetic year-round (and with her Dolores wig, we imagine).


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No matter how you slice it, a proper summer cut can help to relieve some of the stress that accompanies our most brutal season. Whether it’s helping you keep cool or helping you look cool, we fully endorse the decision to throw caution to the wind and visit your stylist for something new.

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