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6 Pop Culture Beauty Collections We Can't Resist

Makeup brands everywhere are paying tribute to fan-favorite flicks, making it easier than ever to look like a movie star.

By Layne Lynch July 5, 2019

Have you ever looked at Daenerys Targaryen, Princess Jasmine, or any other of your favorite on-screen beauties and thought, dang, girl, I really love your highlighter? Well, here’s some good news: You don’t have to look very far to recreate your favorite makeup looks.

In fact, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to walk into a Sephora or Ulta without catching sight of a Hollywood beauty collaboration our wallets simply can’t resist. So whether it’s a mermaid lagoon or Mother of Dragons look you’re hoping to achieve, read on to peruse some of our favorite pop culture makeup collections available to purchase.

The Lion King x Luminess Cosmetics

Leave it to Beyoncé’s makeup artist, Sir John, to dream up a collection of shimmery, bronzy shades and bold selections in honor of the much-anticipated release of Disney’s The Lion King. It's hard to resist the ravenous red lipstick or the 12-shade "Can't Wait to Be Queen" eyeshadow palette in the Luminess Beauty collection, all inspired by the African landscape and named after some of our favorite characters, including Mufasa, Nala, and Simba.

Game of Thrones x Urban Decay

The HBO phenomenon may have come to an end, but the saga lives on through an Urban Decay makeup collection. If you’re hoping to select your favorite house in an eyeshadow palette or discover the perfect dragon highlighter, Urban Decay has an Iron Throne-themed selection worthy of wonder and awe.

Peter Pan Mermaid Lagoon x Bésame Cosmetics

Mermaids have inundated the beauty world in recent years, and Bésame Cosmetics has responded in kind. To honor the 65th anniversary of Peter Pan, Bésame collaborated with Disney to release a mermaid-centric collection inspired by the mystical lagoon on the island of Neverland. In this dreamy, youthful collaboration, you’ll find an eyeshadow palette, lipsticks, bronzer and highlighter (in adorable clamshell compacts), and a refreshing perfume. 

Aladdin x MAC

We're seeing a whole new world of beauty possibilities with MAC's Aladdin collection. If you’re hoping to walk away looking like Princess Jasmine with a shimmery glow and the perfect pout, you’ve found your next makeup bag must-haves. Options range from lipstick to blush to eyeshadow, and all are sparkling, shimmering, splendid.

Clueless x Hot Topic

This affordable, '90s-influenced palette (shaped like an actual notebook—how adorbs?) from Hot Topic has us totally buggin’. Relive your favorite lines from Clueless with a 12-shade selection of matte and shimmer hues guaranteed to turn you into a total Betty. Cher would most def approve!

Wizardry and Witchcraft x Storybook Cosmetics

Even if you never received your letter from Hogwarts or pulled the sword from the stone all those years ago, you can still recapture the magic of your childhood with Storybook Cosmetics’ Wizardry and Witchcraft palette. The wondrous collection features a dozen shades that will make everyone jealous of your beauty spells. (P.S.: If you're more of a mean girl than a muggle, the same company is behind this ingenious Burn Book-style palette.)

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