6 Shoe Trends We're Loving Most This Fall

Long live the cowboy boot.

By Paola Kustra October 22, 2019

After all is said and done at Fashion Week, we must wake up from our fashion dreams and face the reality of what to wear next. Perhaps because most of us Texans—whether born or naturalized—are already proud owners, we felt a sort of style elation when we confirmed this item is still on-trend: cowboy boots. In the land of tacos and margaritas where we can spot them from the store to the office and everywhere in between, we'll explore what’s new about them this season—or, as we might say here, we'll get to the meat of the taco.

Who said you can't wear white after Labor Day? This fashion "rule" came into effect over 100 years ago, but today we choose to throw it out the window and wear what we love when we love it. A white cowboy boot makes a major statement for fall and can be worn with dresses, shorts, or pants—especially in a shorter version of the traditional height.

While Miu Miu launched metallic cap-toe sneakers a few seasons ago, the style is now making an appearance in boots for an edgier look. We call it a natural evolution as these shiny hues have gained more and more space in our closets ever since Gucci started introducing metallics in shoes and clothes.

Full boots, too, now come in metallic croc. You can walk on the wild side with any animal print, with python clearly ahead of the curve. Whether you pair them with solid-color outfits or mixed prints, you'll be making the right fashion statement.

Can we please talk about the high-waist-pants-inside-tall-boots trend? We saw a sneak peek at NYFW, but because of the temps back then, it wasn't on full display. Trust us when we say that it's now officially here to stay through the winter. The trend can be worn with slouchy boots—which are also making a comeback—or white boots for a contrasting effect with the darker shades we typically wear in colder weather.

One of the greatest benefits of visiting other countries, besides the culture immersion, is the chance to spot different styles and fashion statements and anticipate whether or not they'll become a trend stateside. In Europe this summer, we saw chunky or platform boots worn all over Brussels. Because people walk just about everywhere, alternating sneakers with these boots seemed like the natural, stylish thing to do. Of course, when that happens during the "fashion month," we have a hot trend alert. Choose the comfier, chunky version—or opt for the sky-high platforms if you're only planning to walk a runway-distance.

Let's not forget about the tie-strap sandals that made shy appearances over the summer but were out in full force during the New York–Paris circuit. The trend works with suit pants and even jeans, in low or high-heel sandals, and with square or pointy toes. The few remaining weeks we have warmer temperatures in Texas (but who's counting?) will allow us to play with different styles as we have a bit longer to take our faves out for a spin. 

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