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These Leggings Offer a Workout for Your Legs Just By Putting Them On

Activewear meets lymphatic massage thanks to local brand Élastique Athletics.

By Ngozi Iloka March 20, 2020

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Just how powerful is the lymph? It’s the first line of defense against disease. This network of vessels and nodes transports and filters lymph fluid containing antibodies and lymphocytes (good) and bacteria (bad). Keeping our lymph system moving properly is one of the best things we can do for ourselves right now. Stay healthy, mes amis! • • (Source @lgdalliance) #fitnesswithafrenchtouch #healthyliving #feelgoodinyourskin #skinhealth #loveyourskin #selfcare #healthyskinfromwithin #smoothskin #radiantskin #youthfulskin #wellness #beautytipsandtricks #beautysecrets #glowfromtheinsideout #balance #naturalbeauty #lymphatichealth #lymphhealth #lymphatics #lymphaticdrainage #luxuryfitness #compressionwear #activewear #compressionleggings #fitnessfashion

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Instagram has given us many things—
chief among them, Beyoncé's iconic maternity shoot—and has helped us engage with the outside world through our phones (now more than ever). Still, it's not all rainbows and butterflies: Take the controversial “teatox” culture, for instance, promoted by a number of celebrities and influencers to mixed results.

The central idea of detoxing and cleansing isn’t all bad, though. French ex-pat–turned–Houston-based mom of two, Emeline Kuhner-Stout took that and ran with it, founding activewear brand Élastique Athletics.

Élastique's products are built around lymphatic health. A quick primer: The lymphatic system is our body's natural approach to filtering and cleaning, and it directly contributes to the efficiency our immune and circulatory systems, too. Poor waste removal can lead to ailments like fatigue, bloating, stiffness, and more.

Which is where Élastique comes in. Leggings contain strategically placed "MicroPerle" beads that massage legs to help facilitate the body's natural functions of eliminating toxins that can build up from stress. When you wear Élastique, your daily routine—even just a walk around the blog—becomes a workout for your skin, too.

“We find delight in creating a product and solution that can multi-task for you,” Kuhner-Stout says.

So far, the local brand has elicited rave reviews. Part leggings, part lymphatic massage, the form-fitting activewear can help facilitate decreased inflammation, suppler skin, and even a healthier immune system. Plus, as customers have pointed out, they make your butt look good.

Kuhner-Stout hasn’t always been in this industry, though. Born and raised in France, she studied international law before becoming a trained diplomat for the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development. Her policy-making job took her to many places, including universities, where she ended up meeting her husband.

Eight years ago, her growing family moved to Houston; and Kuhner-Stout, pregnant with her first child, began to see things differently.

“I wanted to find something that could help me be the best version of myself,” she says.

Having left diplomacy before touching down in H-Town, Kuhner-Stout decided to reevaluate her career path entirely and figure out how to juggle being a wife and mom in a new city. A long-time supporter of wellness and women’s health, she decided to center her newfound venture around these pillars and, after much research and introspection, came up with Élastique.

Recently, Kuhner-Stout and the Élastique team have started hosting events that encourage women’s well-being. They partner with doctors, massage therapists, chiropractors, and other related professionals who can provide resources for women on a wellness journey.

A self-proclaimed "glass half-full" person, Kuhner-Stout says her joie de vivre helps inspire her to create products for a community of people who just want to live well. And, besides flattering your derriere and improving lymphatic health, what does she hope Élastique will do bring to others?

“A priority to find the beauty in everything,” she says.

Shop Élastique online. "L'Original" leggings (size XS-XL) are $220.

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