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From 2020 to present, fashion has shown progression in becomming socially conscious. From local brands, upcoming labels and bigger corporations, socially conscious designs are becoming top of mind. In launching the Innovation Series this year, H&M announced its fourth installment of the sustainable focused initiative, Innovation Circular Design Story featuring Houston superstar Normani Kordei.  

Image: H&M

The latest collection was inspired by the Circulator tool in which H&M considers all stages of the garment creation process, from expected lifetime to materials and design strategies. The tool is currently being developed by the brand to become more socially conscious and achieve their goal of becoming climate positive by 2040, having all H&M products designed by Circular by 2025. 

Innovation Circular Design Story is ending the year on the maximalism spectrum celebrating eco-friendly fashion and joy. The 54-piece collection includes menswear, womenswear, footwear and accessories and “embodies the notion of embracing the future boldly.” Being the most couture-esque collections the brand has ever done before, each piece is crafted with intense silhouettes, vivid color and an extensive arrangement of textiles. From a sea blue sequined crew neck for men to a budding neon green spotted dress for women, plenty of leather and a striking multi-color fur trench. 

Image: H&M

“Fashion has the power to transform, to enliven, to empower. This collection is a tribute to this, and to the special excitement that comes when you’re getting ready to go out, just before the party, styling yourself, ready to head into the night with friends, full of joy and enthusiasm,” says Ella Soccorsi, Concept Designer at H&M in a statement. 

For the campaign titled Just Before the Party Starts, creative advisor and stylist Ib Kamara along with photographer Rafael Pavorotti wanted to capture optimism and individuality to bring forth a dynamic and colorful vision to life.

“I was proud to work with H&M on a collection that is so committed to circularity and positive change, while also embracing style, bold color, and great fit. It’s a really multifaceted, rich collection, and it captures a special feeling for me; the excitement and anticipation of getting ready, of choosing a look and making oneself into a star,” says Kamara in a statement. 

To market the collection H&M taps in supermodels Gigi Haded and Kaia Gerber along with Kordei, each celebrity using social media to boost the upcoming collection. On November 15 Kordei posted herself in a neon blue body con cut out dress writing, “this dress was doing everything that it needed to do. No seriously I felt so bombbbb @hm coming soon.”

The collection is set to launch online December 9th and in stores December 16th. 

For more information visit H&M online or in store at The Galleria located at 5135 W Alabama St.

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