Jacob Vilató’s Hand-Painted Moreau Paris Bag Is on Display in River Oaks

The renowned artist put a special twist on a signature bag created for a charity auction.

By Danielle Wright April 14, 2022

Artist Jacob Vilató standing beside his finished masterpiece as he put his own twist on Moreau Paris' suite junior handbag.

Image: Jacob Vilató

High-end happenings have made their way to Houston with a new project between Jacob Vilató and French leather goods store Moreau Paris. The esteemed artist traveled from Barcelona to River Oaks last Friday, where he graced shoppers with a live painting on Moreau's signature Suite Junior bag. 

Texas may be a long way from Spain, but for Vilató, it’s an exciting and unexpected destination. Moreau Paris is nestled in River Oaks’ shopping hub just a few doors down from Dior. As you enter, the petite shop's signature monogrammed handbags are displayed neatly against an exquisite deep blue wall, its emblem in gold stamped throughout. 

The collaboration was born from a conversation between Moreau Paris and Vilató’s close friend and fashion designer Blanca Lozanowho initially had the idea for the European partnership. As he placed his paintings throughout the store, Vilató stopped briefly to chat with Houstonia about his style of work. "When it comes to my work, I rely a lot on random and error. Give me something, and I'll figure out how to do it,” he says. “I like the mystery and what comes from it.”

Vilató with complete tunnel vision on his artwork.

Vilato’s affinity for spontaneity is rooted in his background as an architect and designer. He comes from a family of painters, including his great-uncle, Pablo Picasso. After 15 years of running an eponymous business crafting furniture, in 2018, he forged a life as a visual artist. With such a major name attached to him, Vilató confessed how he secretly hid his relation to the renowned painter. He revealed that there's always some pressure. Even though his artistry may occasionally reference his great-uncle, he has worked to accomplish acclaim on his own merit. 

"From an overall perspective, I don't try to hide it anymore," Vilató says. "I mean, I know that people will ask me about it. It took me a long time, maybe 20 or 30 years, but I'm all right.”

With a few strokes of blue and yellow paint, Vilató transformed a blank brown leather tote into one-of-a-kind artwork. His remixed bag will eventually be auctioned off at a starting bid of $5,000. The proceeds will be donated to a nonprofit organization of the shop’s choice. 

Until then, shoppers can admire the handbag on display at Moreau Paris as we await what’s next from the impetuous artist. 

For more information visit Moreau Paris in-store located at 4444 Westheimer Rd, Suite 145.

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