10 Gifts For That "Life of the Party" Friend

Any party animal knows that a good house party absolutely needs a disco ball.

By Geneva Diaz and Alexia Partouche

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Betsy Johnson sequin boots, drink markers, zodiac socks, and more.

Who doesn’t love a good party? Oprah Winfrey once said, “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate,” and we take that to heart. If you have a friend who's always wearing something festive, the sight of disco balls makes their heart sing, and their favorite movie is Almost Famous, these gifts have their name written all over them. 

From disco balls and bolo ties, to all the shiny wearables like Champagne earrings and rhinestone boots, this list has everything your pal needs to be the life of the party and sparkle at the next soirée. After all, life is one big party!

Zodiac socks Local


If the house party’s host asks you to remove your shoes at the door, you’ll want to be prepared to reveal a cute pair of socks. That’s where Favor The Kind’s zodiac socks come in. Colorful and cute, they’re the perfect surprise to hide beneath your winter boots.

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Elena Champagne Bottle Drop Earrings 


Image: francesca’s

If popping bubbly is your love language, these Champagne bottle earrings make that statement loud and clear. Match your elegant and fun personality with your effervescent beverage of choice. Whether you like your Champagne extra brut (bone dry) or doux (super sweet), these earrings will complete the overall vibe.

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True Zoo Beernoculars Bottle Markers


Image: Macy's

The future of your party is bright when using these Beernocular drink identifiers by True Zoo from Macy’s. With six different color options, you’ll be able to keep tabs on which beer is yours (unless you’re double fisting) with a simple bottleneck marker, and never worry about swapping spit with another party-goer.

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M&F Western Tiger Eye & Gold Bolo Tie Local


Heading out for a country western show? Or just your neighborhood honky-tonk? Style the get-up with this bolo tie from M&F Western, featuring a tiger’s eye center and a dark brown leatherette cord with gold tips. While two-stepping, you’ll be sure to turn the heads of every cowboy.

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Canvas Wine Bottle Gift Bags 


Sometimes the perfect gift comes inside another gift, and that’s what this set of five wine bottle gift bags does perfectly. Give the set to a friend who always gifts wine for every celebration, but needs a little help gift wrapping the bottle. Each bag is printed with a unique celebratory wine saying, with cheerful words like “Let’s Drink to That” and “Pairs Well with Friends”. Since the bags are made of canvas with cute leather ties, they’re reusable, washable, and the perfect item to regift!

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Cresay Women's Sequin Bomber Jacket


Image: Amazon

Nothing says party animal as hard as this show-stopper sequin bomber jacket on Amazon. We all have that friend that always has a tough time choosing what to wear before going out, so make it easier for them by suggesting to simply throw on a black tank, jeans, and this shiny jacket that lights up the dance floor.

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Layers of Happy Embellished Clutch Local


Image: Oak + Sparrow

A purse isn’t just a purse, it’s also an accessory. Enhance any outfit with this Layers of Happy embellished clutch from Oak + Sparrow. The hand-beaded bag features a simple silver chain and gorgeous pops of color that will draw hundreds of compliments.

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Melted Disco Ball


Image: Etsy

Everyone loves a disco ball, and nowadays, a home isn’t complete without one. And if you’re always hosting parties, you might already have a traditional disco ball, or took notes from TikTok, and DIY’d your very own disco ball plant hanger. Since the original melted disco ball is way above most folks' budgets, this Dali-esque Melted Disco Ball on Etsy will satisfy your trendy home-decor needs, while also embodying the chaos of a good ol’ fashioned dance party. 

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Ready to Party Dress Local


In search of the perfect New Years Eve party dress? Look no further than Impeccable Pig’s Ready to Party dress, outfitted with a square neckline, puffy sleeves, and sparkling black sequins that will keep all eyes on you.

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Fuchsia Cady Rhinestone Boot Betsey Johnson Local


These fuchsia rhinestone boots from Jubilee were made for walking, but more importantly, they were made for partying. Make them blend in with an equally bright monochromatic outfit, or make them stand out as a statement piece—either way, you’ll be the star of the show.

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