Oh Baby

Celebrate Babies Conceived During the World Series at Discovery Green

An ode to sports win babies.

By Gwendolyn Knapp July 24, 2018

America's favorite pastime?

Chevrolet and the Astros Shooting Star Team will celebrate World Series babies—yes, babies that were conceived during the Astros's World Series win—with free ice cream, pickles (pregnancy food, mmkay?) and family activities on Thursday, July 26, at Discovery Green. Because, who knew? There have actually been studies showing that sports wins can have a positive impact on birth rates, a phenomenon that may also explain the famous baby boom that occurred following a New York City blackout in 1965. In fact, there was a recent spike in births at a Fort Worth hospital—delivering 48 babies in 41 hours—so maybe that counts?

From noon to 2 p.m. fans can don their favorite Astros gear and head downtown for the free Blue Bell ice cream and family fun. Safety experts will also be on hand to talk about how to keep the kiddos safe during the summer and Chevy will offer car seat installation demos, road-safety tips, and a look at new family safety technology inside their vehicles.

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