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Tune into Houston Climate Week

The event, taking place Sept 14–18, kicks off our city’s Climate Action Plan.

By Gwendolyn Knapp September 14, 2020

Almost half of Houston's greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation.

It’s Houston Climate Week—well, the rescheduled version anyways, thanks to totally-absolutely-not-climate-related Hurricane Laura postponing the original date, which also coincided with the third anniversary of Harvey. From today until Friday, September 18, you can sit in on a number of virtual panel discussions all about the future of Houston as we cope with the existential crisis of our time: allowing the earth to become an uninhabitable fireball with, as we’ve cautioned before, an icky hot tub of acid for an ocean. And in Houston’s case, extreme flooding as well. Happy Monday, everyone.

The event kicks off our city’s Climate Action Plan, which the mayor launched back in April in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, go carbon neutral by 2050 à la the Paris Agreement, and position the city as a leader in the global energy transition.  

The event's speakers include energy leaders, climate scientists, and more folks from Google, Tesla, CenterPoint, The Nature Conservancy, and even the Katy Prairie. Topics range from Houston’s climate patterns to green infrastructure and energy equitability and, of course, how our car-crazed city (where 96 percent of commuters drive alone) can reduce its transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions.

Check out the full schedule and register to sit in at Houston Climate Week.

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