Pit Stop!

A Buc-ee's Went down to Georgia (and South Carolina, Too)

Plus, a new website ships beaver nuggets and more Buc-ee's snacks.

By Gwendolyn Knapp November 24, 2020

A wall of the good stuff.

If you're heading out for a long-haul road trip across the south any time soon, you might want to jot down this extremely vital intel: Buc-ee’s has just opened new travel centers in Warner Robins, Georgia (about halfway between Atlanta and Valdosta), and Florence, South Carolina (about 35 minutes south of famed roadside attraction South of the Border). 

The new Georgia location can be found at I-75 and Russell Parkway (7001 Russell Pkwy, to be exact), with a 53,000-square-foot travel center full of everything you love—clean bathrooms, brisket sandwiches, fudge, and paper cones of hot, sweet nuts (yes, we just said that)—and 116 fuel pumps. It's open 24 hours, of course, and created 175 permanent jobs for the Warner Robins community.

The new travel center in South Carolina, at I-95 and North Williston Road (3390 North Williston Rd), is a whopping 53,200 square feet, with 120 fuel pumps, and is a cornerstone to a 500-acre multi-use park and an anchor to an 80-acre retail development

With both of these new locations, the Buc-ee's empire now has 39 stores across Texas, Alabama, South Carolina, and Georgia, and it plans to open its first Florida outpost in 2021. 

For those not planning to travel any time soon and desperately missing Buc-ee's numerous snacks, you're in luck. A new website, Texas Snax, now ships Beaver Nuggets and more Buc-ee's favorites across the globe. Launched by Plano resident Chris Koerner, the site isn't associated with Buc-ee's, but the beaver seems okay with it, since it's simply acting as a reseller. So yay, and let's all order some stocking stuffers from the comfort of our own home.

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