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How Not To Take Bluebonnet Pictures

Do any of these scenarios sound a little too familiar?

By Timothy Malcolm April 1, 2020 Published in the April 2020 issue of Houstonia Magazine

Image: Amy Kinkead

Forget photos with Santa Claus—bluebonnet season is where the real trauma happens, baby. Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? Of course they do.

The Traditional Texas Child Photo-Op 

  • Photo you want: A sweet little boy surrounded by bluebonnets.
  • What goes wrong: The 3-year-old disrobes alongside the busy highway.
  • What you get: A toddler with a shirt half above his head. But bluebonnets!
  • Where it ends up: Filed away. Just wait till he’s 16. 

The Traditional Texas Dog Photo-Op 

  • Photo you want: “Nibbles will look so cute in his bluebonnet-blue bowtie!”
  • What goes wrong: “No Nibbles, don’t pee on the bluebonnets ...”
  • What you get: The dog in an expanse of beautiful (but urine-soaked) flowers.
  • Where it ends up: Instagram. The bowtie is totes adorbs.

The Family Photo, Bluebonnet Edition

  • Photo you want: The whole fam smiling and surrounded by flowers.
  • What goes wrong: The kids won't stop screaming. Ever.
  • What you get: “Check out our crying children while we smile through the pain!”
  • Where it ends up: Everywhere. We even made T-shirts!

DIY Save-the-Date Photos

  • Photo you want: “Nobody will know we didn’t pay for engagement pictures!”
  • What goes wrong: “Tell them about the time the bee flew into your face, babe.”
  • What you get: Shaky video of your honey freaking out.
  • Where it ends up: On your phone for blackmail purposes.


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