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Jazz Anderson Gets in the Lab with Her Latest LP

The Experiment tells a coming-of-age story for Anderson.

By Shelby Stewart August 31, 2021


Jazz Anderson releases her 11 track LP, The Experiment

From sports to music and POETRY, Jazz Anderson has always maintained different routes of self-expression. The Los Angeles native has lived in Houston for over five years and in the midst, rediscovering herself as an artist. At 25, the self-proclaimed Houstonian recently released her latest project, The Experiment, where she  “experiments with her creativity and versatility as an artist,” Anderson tells Houstonia

Following her 2020 album, Separation Anxiety, the 11-track LP enlists features from artists like Lady Luck, Ash Bash Tha Rapper, and DJ XO. The Experiment serves as the ideal title for the new project, as Anderson not only switches up her style from song to song, but the production on the project speaks to the undertaking as well一you’ll find a mix of popular 808 drum beats, varying tempos and a sample from Crystal Waters’s “Gypsy Woman.” One of the singles from the project, “Watch This” premiered on BET Jams over the weekend. 

Breaking every glass ceiling thrown her way, Anderson doesn’t subscribe to just one category. She explores her confidence, womanhood, and sexuality on her project and shows her capabilities as a multifaceted artist. When asked who she draws inspiration from, she simply states, “I sound like Jazz Anderson.”

Never shying away from being the daughter of TV personality Tami Roman, Anderson says that although her mom has helped her along the way, her talent is what has managed to sustain her in the music industry. 

“When I first started out, everybody said, ‘Oh, she’s a lyricist, she's a conscious rapper,’ Anderson exclaims. Then I did a show on VH1 called “Signed” and Rick Ross said ‘Man, you're a lyricist.’ So it kind of stuck with me. I was very happy when he said that, but it got to the point people only saw me one way. So with The Experiment, me and my team really wanted to experiment with my versatility and diversity.”

The project has already received positive feedback in Houston, with some fans “already knowing the words” to some of her songs. 

“I’m really ecstatic, I’m on cloud nine. Me and my team started working on this towards the end of last year. So to see it all come together six to eight months later and see how much people support, it means a lot to me.”

The Experiment is out now and available across all streaming platforms.

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