Street Art

SLIDESHOW: GreenStreet Art

Four street artists help launch the rebranding of downtown's Houston Pavilions entertainment complex.

By Sarah Pendley June 7, 2013

Four of Houston’s best-known graffiti artists gathered this week to decorate GreenStreet, the 570,000 sq. ft. downtown entertainment complex that used to be known as the Houston Pavilions.  Walls became canvases as Gabriel Prusmack, Wiley Robertson, Kelyne Reis, and Aerosol Warfare Gallery’s GONZO247 created side-by-side murals. The four-day project came to a head when the artists applied the final touches, swapping paint cans, as they chatted with onlookers. The artists completed their murals—entitled  “Tasty,” “Funky,” “Inspired”, and “Hip”—just as the rain began to fall.

A welcome addition to downtown? Another example of “street artists” corrupted by corporate cash? Let us know what you think. 

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