Mondays Mean Deals at Space Montrose

Look for specials and steals every Monday at Space—starting today.

September 8, 2014

Get your Walter White prints by Tim Doyle while they last.

Space Montrose has always had a bit of a parking situation. In its old location on Dunlavy, the art, clothing, and jewelry boutique didn't have any parking at all—patrons had to snag a spot on the street. In its new spot—just across Westheimer from the old one—there's a big, beautiful new parking lot...which is very often entirely filled with guests enjoying croissants and coffees at the adjoining Common Bond bakery.

Always one to see the silver lining in things, however, Space owner Leila Peraza is taking advantage of her neighbors hours to offer a special weekly deal. Since Monday is the only day of the week Common Bond is closed, Peraza writes on the shop's Facebook page: "We've decided to make Mondays special in Space since we have all the parking to ourselves!"

"We will be offering a special promotion, event, treats, etc. every Monday," writes Peraza. "We've decided to go big this Monday." In this case, "go big" means that all posters by ultra-collectible poster artist Tim Doyle are 10 percent off. The Austin-based artist is perhaps best known for his work at Nakatomi, Inc., in which he combines pop culture with "lowbrow art" to create colorful prints featuring everything from Transformers to scenes from Rushmore.

Space Montrose
1706 Westheimer Rd.

Most recently, Doyle printed a series of popular Breaking Bad posters which sold out fast. However, Space has gotten a few more of his Walter White prints in stock—which will no doubt sell out just as quickly today. Get there before they do, or before Space closes tonight at 9 p.m.


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